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Privacy Policy

Privacy Rights:
Your privacy rights as a participant in My Pathway to Health are respected and supported throughout our systems and programs. The information you provide or authorize for disclosure is protected by My Pathway to Health program representatives. My Pathway to Health operates as an independent agent on behalf of your company’s health and wellness program. By agreeing to provide information about your health status, you acknowledge that you understand that your personal health information will be held by My Pathway to Health . Any individually identifiable health risk information will be maintained and protected as confidential. All information is stored and maintained in the most secure technical manner that technology allows. Your health information will not be viewed, scrutinized or inspected by your employer, health plan or any government entities. Only My Pathway to Health will have access to your personal information. Otherwise, your information will not be released without your consent. If you have questions or concerns about how personal information will be handled, contact My Pathway to Health at or your employer.